DWT Food + Bev

Meghan K. Moran


Hometown: McHenry, Ill.

What’s your sweet spot as it relates to this industry? Supply-chain contracts (co-pack, distribution, reseller, MAP policies, etc.)

What was your favorite food as a kid? One of the only foods I ate was Kraft Mac & Cheese.

If you couldn’t be a lawyer, what would you be? I’ve always wanted to open a spice farm in the Willamette Valley to source fresh and dried spices to the Portland food scene—and also provide spice tours as a break from a day of wine tasting.

Why is food/bev/ag your chosen industry? Food is essential to everything, and I love being part of something that can impact the life of every person on the planet in some manner.

What book or song inspires you the most, and why? "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. The message of choice in the book is just beautiful and inspirational, but I also love the fact that the difficulties of transporting fresh produce around the U.S. plays a large role.

What is your favorite food travel destination, and why? Zanzibar. The spice combinations in the food were amazing and the fish was amongst the freshest I’ve ever eaten.

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